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Acne Home Remedies for Your Healthy and Beautiful Skin

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Acne home remedies become the choice of people who want to remove their acnes without worrying about the bad effect of the chemical within the beauty product sold in many supermarkets. The advancement of the technology today does not stop people from using natural substances as their healing of many kinds of diseases. It is because the natural substance is considered as the safest to the body. Acne is one the health problems experienced by many people. This is not dangerous but their emergences really bother the whole appearance of people.clear-acne-in-skin

Acne Causes

Before talking about the acne home remedies, it is better to know what causes acne. Many people believe that the dirty face is the main factor of causing the acne. However, there are other four main factors that cause the acne. The first one is the excess of oil production. It is not only caused by the dirty face, but also oil gland that produces excess oil. This will make a clogged follicles and pores that cause acne. Many people having oily faces are susceptible to acne.

The second one is dead skin cell. There is a process of excess oil production that mingles with the dead skin cell cause the acne masalah. The mixture formed a blockage that is spotted black and white. Acne does not only attack the face, but also shoulder, breast and neck. The other factor causing acne is cosmetic usage. It is commonly experienced by many women in the world that the use of cosmetic product causes acne keluhan. It can be the substance of the cosmetic or the cleansing process.

The last factor is hand phone. Many people neglect the cleanliness of the hand phone in which many bacteria exist causing acne. It can be anticipated by cleaning the surface of the hand phone regularly with alcohol.

Why Acne Home Remedies?

Safety is reason why most people choose acne home remedies for their treatment. It is because the effect given by the chemical medicines are more dangerous that its benefits in combating the acne. In addition, economical factor is also become the reason why people choose this treatment to heal this disease.

Acne Home Remedies for Treatment

It seems the regular treatment using chemical medicine is the fastest way in removing the acne. However, many people do not realize the bad effect of the substance within it. It might give the best result to clear all acne on the faces, but as long as the causes of the acne are not avoided, the acne remains. So that reason, acne home remedies is the best choices to remove acne without giving the damage effect to the skin and health.

There are many natural medicine that can be use to remove acne. All of them are easy to find so that it makes the treatment easy to be done at home. One of the acne home remedies is honey. Many people believe that honey has a special quality as a medicine of various kinds of diseases, including acne. You can just put honey on your acne and let it idle for lima belas minutes then wash your skin with water.healthy acne skin

The other acne home remedies are onion. This cooking spice is very beneficial for health. How can it be a remedy for acne? It is very simple but it is quite effective to heal the acne. Blend about two or three onions, and then apply it to the acne. Let it idle around ten minutes and then clean it with pure water.

Papaya and tomato can also be the acne home remedies. How to apply this natural substance is the same. You only need to blend and apply to the acne, then clean it with pure water. This treatment will be very effective to remove acne. Now, you can do your own acne treatment at home without feeling fear of getting bad effect from chemical medicines. The substances are easy to find and it does not spend too much money.


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