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Alcohol for beverage use and the food that slowly kills us

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People got their energy from the things they eat. There are a famous saying stated that we are what we eat. Sometimes, we are judged by the other people by how we eat the food and our choices of food. The people who often seen consuming alcohol will surely judged as a bad person. The people who consume too much sugar can be judged as someone who is lazy. Why? It is because the food will impact the body as well as the stamina. Too much sugar will bloat the body and also make the person easily feel sleepy. Moreover, it also causes a health problem commonly known as diabetes.

Diabetes and alcohol in human live.

For people with a high class living style, the words diabetes and alcohol are very near with their live. The reason for it is because their lifestyle. High class people have enough power and also money that enable them to spend it for any kinds of food and drinks they want. Alcohol is one example of it. Alcohol is actually a chemical substance that has been a good friend of human for a long time. People will seek for its comfort at their hard times or even stressful times. Some people believed that alcohol can help them feel better and reduce their anxiety. Some other believed that alcohol can be such a good mood booster sit het they will feel better and happier. In the history of humankind, no party has ever been held without the existence of the alcoholic drink.alcohol and diabetes

There are many types of alcoholic drink found in the market. Wine is one of it. Wine is a type of alcoholic drink which is produced by using fruits.  The most common fruit used to produce wine is grapes. The other type of drink which is also considered as an alcoholic drink is beer. Beer is also a type of drink which comes out as the result of a certain fermentation process. The thing which is fermented in here is grains. The types of grain used are barley grains and or some other type of grains which are combined and crushed down together. There are also the other types of alcoholic drink which is made through a process called distillation. The types of drink that come out as the result of this process are liquor, or spirit, whiskey, vodka, soju, tequila, brandy, and many more.

After the drinks comes the food. Surely the high class people will not let a party being held without good food. Good food means a food which tastes good and sweet. And so the lifestyle goes on. The combination between the drinks and the food result in two best mates of such lifestyle namely diabetes and alcohol. There are two main types of diabetes. Type 1 diabetes is the condition in which our body defects to produce insulin. Then glucose cannot be moved to cells. This type of diabetes primarily emerges in children and young adults or teenagers. It occurs with percentage 10% of all cases.  It seems to appear genetically. While type 2 diabetes-more common diabetes with around 90% of all diabetes- is the condition where either our body cannot produce sufficient insulin or use the insulin properly. It mostly develops in adults although there are some cases in occurs in children. For type 2 diabetes cases, it is related to obesity along with physical inactivity. There is also called gestational diabetes that affect pregnant woman.

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