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Treating people with diabetes and alcohol problem

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Sweetness is a thing that cannot be separated with the lifestyle of the people in the modern era. It seems like the people just cannot life without something sweet. Some people even claimed that by eating something sweet, whether it is chocolates, candies, ice creams or other types of food help them to release their stress and feel better. This fact is indeed supported by many researches done by the expert. The result of their research indeed concludes that there are some types of food that can help people to be relaxed and reduced their stress.

  1. Relieving stress is sometimes becoming a reason made by human to justify many things they’ve done or about to do.
  2. Because of stress, they spend their money on buying things they do not need and later on become a shopaholic.
  3. Because of (nervous) tension, they collect things they should dump and become an obsessive compulsive disorder person.
  4. trouble they start eating anything they see and become diabetes and because of stress also, they spend their
  5. money and start consuming alcohol.

People with diabetes and alcohol problem

alcohol and diabetes

Those actions can sometimes help human to release their stress. However, if it is done out of control it will only create more problem for human. The complication of diabetes and alcohol are some examples of it. The people with diabetes problem start by eating too much food that contains sugar. Some people might get it as an “inheritance” from their relatives. But risk can always be prevented and avoided. The people with diabetes will have high level of glucose in his or her blood. This situation can be harmful for his/her life because diabetes is famous for its multiplier effects. People with diabetes will not have the sufficient energy needed by the body. It is because the glucose can not be converted into energy. The body have problem in the metabolism process that makes it hard to change the glucose into energy. Sometimes, people with diabetes will also experience other health problems such as blood clotting, unhealed open injury, and depression. The risk of getting the disease for people in today’s society is getting higher. Beside the fact that the disease can be transferred from generation to generation, the lifestyle problem also contributes to the development of the disease.

Alcohol is also a problem for the people. As stated above, because of the tension of work, or because stress condition, people might choose alcohol as the option to relieve their feeling. The fact that alcohol has become a great industry makes it easy for the people to find it in every nearby store. By drinking an alcohol, people will get the sensation of relaxed and happy. It has become the main reason why people are falling again and again to its temptation.

The people who has diabetes and alcohol problem need to be treated properly. Since diabetes and alcohol can both resulted in depression, the people with those problems need to be accompanied with people who can listen to their feeling. This is considered as the best healing method beside drug medication. Drug medication offered by doctors in the hospitals may cure their wound and toxic. But having someone who sincerely wants to listen to them will heal their heart and remove their burden of having the problem. Moreover, it can also foster their motivation in joining the medication.

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