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The Cause of Diabetes that You Must Know

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Causes of diabetes are commonly considered as small matter of people. They do not aware of the dangerous effect of the diabetes disease. Commonly, people are not conscious of the symptom of diabetes disease until they find that the disease has already serious and acute. Diabetes is a kind of disease that is caused by the abnormality of the system of body metabolism due to many factors. It emerges as the effect of the high level of glucose within the blood so the usage of insulin within the body can not work normally.

Knowing the diabetes symptoms is important to avoid this disease more acute and serious because diabetes does not only attack adult but also teenager. There are several signs of diabetes symptoms, including feeling tired easily, losing weight, feeling exhausted often, changing skin into dark, blurring eyesight, feeling hunger often, decreasing nerve functions, etc.

Research shows that diabetes not only caused by genetic factor but also caused by several multi-complex factors, including the lifestyle and environment. People having diabetes gen do not guarantee that they are also having this disease. There are also several factors causing diabetes, including obesity, less exercise and pregnancy. Early-Diabetes-Symptoms-Causes

The Causes of Diabetes Miletus

Diabetes disease is commonly from the uncontrolled consuming food and too much consuming food containing sweet taste and high sugar. The diabetes diseases affect many people ranging from teenager to adult people. A high speed lifestyle and full of stress, less nutrition and less exercise fasten the development of diabetes disease in the very beginning of the ages. So that reason, it is very important to know the causes of diabetes and how to control it. Several causes of diabetes Miletus are:

  1. Consuming food containing sugar
    Consuming food containing sugar or sweet food can cause diabetes Miletus. Food containing sugars that can be absorbed by the body easily are like candy, ice cream and cookies. People who like to consume too much sugar food are susceptible of having this disease.
  2. Consuming fried food
    Fried food is one of the causes of diabetes Miletus. The sugar within the blood will be tied with within the oil of the food. The oil that turns into fat will block the blood and increase the rapidity of the blood.
  3. Doing less activity
    Doing less activity will increase the risk of diabetes Miletus disease.

The Cause of Diabetes Type 2
The cause of diabetes type 2 is the pancreas that can not produce insulin that is needed within the body. There is single evidence what the cause of diabetes type 2, but the gen factor can also be the causes of this disease. There are several causes of diabetes type 2:

  1. The function of the pancreas cell and insulin secretion decrease
  2. Less physical activity
  3. Stress
  4. Using many kinds of medicine
  5. Genetic factor
  6. Obesity
  7. Ages

Knowing the cause of diabetes earlier can reduce the risk of this disease. It is better to avoid than to heal. Therefore, we should apply the healthy lifestyle by eating healthy food and doing exercise regularly.

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