How to Cure Diabetes without Drugs and Insulin

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diabetes protocol

Having diabetes is an unfortunate condition, especially because the treatment can be expensive. Diabetes makes it hard for many people to live normally. And for those who cannot afford constant medication, it can end with amputation or death. Diabetes Protocol can help with long term diabetes; not by using the usual method of insulin shot and drugs, but certain method that helps the body to regulate the glucose production and cure diabetes at its core.

diabetes protocol

Why You Need to Revolutionize Diabetes Medication Method

Diabetes is one of the diseases that reach its peak in modern era, especially when fast food and sedentary lifestyle are common. Many people are diagnosed with diabetes in earlier ages, even during childhood. In United States alone, diabetes type 2 is suffered by about 29 million of people. Meanwhile, 79 million people are diagnosed as pre-diabetics, and the disease ranks 1st as the top cause of amputation of the legs. This is definitely something that no one wants to experience, especially if this happens to your children.

Add the fact that diabetes can be passed on the next generation. Plus sedentary lifestyle and abundant amount of processed, sugary and junk foods that increase the risk factors. Diabetes becomes a disease everyone fears even in countries that have abundant stocks of medications and health services. However, here’s the thing: medications only help by encouraging the glucose breakdown process. But not addressing the real reason, which is the fact that your body is the one that releases such high amount of glucose at the first place.

For people with diabetes type 1, they need to take insulin shot for the rest of their life. As for the people with diabetes type 2, they need to restrict their diet and of exercises, and they also need to take certain medications. They need to do it for the rest of their life, which can cost a lot. Plus, it really affects the lifestyle, and many people feel restricted in their daily activities.

So, what if there is solution that attacks diabetes right on the core?

Diabetes Protocol and Story of Kenneth Pullman

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Kenneth Pullman is a Californian researcher in the field of biology and human disease. And he has personal story about diabetes that runs in his family. After his father was amputated because of diabetes in 1982. And having been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in year 1985 only at the age of 13. He dedicated his life to learn and be researcher to find out the best way to cure diabetes. He wanted to know if there are other methods diabetes sufferers can use to be completely free from diabetes, instead of having to depend on constant insulin shots, super strict diet and drugs for the rest of their life.

Pullman was not satisfied with the way medical community treated diabetes. Because they only focus on managing the symptoms and reducing the frequencies of relapse instead. Of finding the cure on the core. This has made pharmacy companies get a lot of profits from diabetes products. While regular people must always depend on these products just to increase life expectancy, instead of getting cured. A diabetic person spends about $14,000 per year for his or her medications and treatments, which makes this disease a source of profits for pharmacy industry.

Based on this fact, Pullman decided to conducted independent research with a group of scientists, and came up with Diabetes Protocol.

Why Diabetes Protocol is the Best Diabetes Cure

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Diabetes Protocol is a method that will free a diabetic person from constant insulin shots and oral medications. Through his independent research, Pullman discovered that his method could help the body to actually break down sugar faster. This means that the body can act as regulator of blood sugar without the person having to get insulin injection. Too strict diet, or oral medications for the rest of his or her life. This method is obviously better than depending on insulin. Because about 80% of glucose production happens in tissues that are not affected by insulin.

Pullman and his team discovered that certain combinations of enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids can help the body to reduce sugar breakdown process, helping diabetes sufferers to finally regain their health without lifetime dependence on medications and insulin. Diabetes Protocol is basically a combination of certain eating methods (healthy, but not too strict), supplements, and some elements of healthy lifestyle, which is not too restricting but more effective than pumping insulin and popping pills every day. With this method, your liver and kidneys will gain benefits by absorbing certain enzymes, amino acids and fatty acids they need to keep the blood sugar in acceptable level.

The Diabetes Protocol has healthy eating method called Blood Sugar Reduction Strategy, which helps diabetes sufferers to gain lower blood sugar level constantly, without insulin shots and pills. This protocol has been tried by more than 40,000 people since its first release, and the numbers are counting up. The method has several benefits, which are:

  • Allowing less restricting eating pattern.

  • Reducing dependency on insulin shots and pills.

  • Can be tried by people from any ages. With different levels of diabetes (including pre-diabetics).

  • Only requires adding some extra elements to daily meal. Certain eating pattern, and some healthy habits that are not really restricting.

  • Have good positive impacts to overall, general health.

  • No side effects.

  • Curing diabetes to its source.

The Diabetes Protocol is definitely cheaper than diabetes medications and insulin shots; the book is just under $40, and adding fresh. Healthy foods into your daily menu is definitely cheaper than buying $14,000 worth of medicines every year. Plus, you can go back to your old life and have better health with this method, and this is something that all family members can try.

Conclusion: The Diabetes Protocol is a revolutionary method in curing diabetes and losing dependence over insulin shots and medications. Which have cost so many people with diabetes type 1 or 2 every year. With this method, not only you are free from drugs and injections, but you can also be healthier and free from diabetes for the rest of your life.


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